Tag: Programming

  • Ubuntu wins Best Distribution Award

    Ubuntu wins Best Distribution Award at the UK Linux & Open Source Awards on the 5th of October, along with a life-time award for Alan Cox, who was desperately needing one. What do Africa, the ISS and VeriSign have in common? The man behind Ubuntu, who by the way is trying very hard not to […]

  • Mandriva Linux 2006

    The only Linux distribution certified for Intel Centrino has just been released for “Club members” only. Can this beat Ubuntu ? I guess the “rest” of us will have to wait till the 13th of October to find out if the Interactive Firewall or the Quick boot time is just hype.

  • The new XDA Atom

    cNet Asia is reporting on a new HTC PDA (HTC is the OEM manufacturer of famous PDAs sold under different names, such as XDA, MDA or Qtek. See XDA Developers for more info) The smal form-factor of the current XDA Mini fails to achieve the same level of mobile connectivity as its big counterparts like […]

  • Microsoft fixes GAIM GNU/Linux MSN Client

    Well, pigs do fly. What does a Microsoft employee have to do to get MSN Messenger working on their Linux desktops? Fix the bugs in GAIM Messenger of course! Thats what Bill Hilf, Microsoft’s Linux Lab Manager, did when he and his team had a ‘real’ need for MSN via HTTP under Linux. And, because […]

  • DirectAdmin to cPanel : a partial BASH solution

    I’m one of those who spent hours moving from DirectAdmin to cPanel, and in the meantime I’ve developed a couple of usefull tools to help me do it. For the sanity of everyone ever trying to achieve this, forget googling because there is no tool available ATM. No one has ever started a script simply […]