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  • A few good DSPs – the movie

    Well done to Terence Kawaja on his “A Few Good DSPs” comedy video, it has definitely struck the hilarious chord in the industry. If you are wondering what a “DSP” is, then don’t bother, but if you know your IAB from your EIAA then you will be in for a treat:

  • AudienceScience buys wunderloop

    Internet world business reported today that US targeting provider AudienceScience has reached an agreement to buy wunderloop, the European leader in behavioural targeting that had filled for insolvency end of April this year. The amount and terms have not been disclosed yet but Internet World speculates it would be in the double-digits (Millions), having beaten […]

  • Paragliding Sierra de Lijar

    Because ideas don’t come when you’re sitting in the office, thermaling the Sierra de Lijar on a truly magical day: Thermaling Lijar from Paulo Cunha on Vimeo.

  • RTB gaining momentum, NY Times reports

    NY Times reports on the efforts from AppNexus (Michael Rubenstein, Ex DoubleClick Exchange Exec), Google, Yahoo and Ebay on Real Time Bidding. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/12/business/media/12adco.html?ref=business

  • Forrester’s Emily Riley online advertising forecast 2010-2012

    Forrester’s forecast on online advertising for the next 12 to 24 months, covering RTB, DSP, and other three-letter acronyms no one had heard of a year ago. Caught it on ExchangeWire , here’s a copy, well worth seeing: Media Buying Goes Real Time, Emily Riley at the AdMeld Partner Forum View more presentations from AdMeld.

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