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  • The Definite Guide of Obscure Tweaks to Install and Maintain cPanel / WHM (version 10)

    I have recently gone more deeply into the bare bones of WHM and cPanel 10 to improve security, reduce bandwidth and cpu usage and generaly make sure servers are as good as they can possibly be. So, in the process, I had to go deep into tons of scripts, code, discussions, forums and google to find out the best configurations and how to achieve them. This is an on-going guide, not meant to be new release of information but more an aggregation of several feeds, with an hands-on approach. It is not intended for the basic setup, nor for basic security (like disabling telnet) but more for obscure or interesting tweaks, which are either hard to find or you simply wouldn’t be looking for them. I’ll be updating it regularly. Enjoy!

  • DirectAdmin to cPanel : a partial BASH solution

    I’m one of those who spent hours moving from DirectAdmin to cPanel, and in the meantime I’ve developed a couple of usefull tools to help me do it. For the sanity of everyone ever trying to achieve this, forget googling because there is no tool available ATM. No one has ever started a script simply […]