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  • ShiftForward – online advertising technology R&D

    It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog, and for a good reason. I’ve spent the last few months setting up a technology start-up to bring together outstanding engineering with deep online advertising understanding. Its goal is to take advantage of the gap in businesses between their great advertising ideas and their…

  • What The European Display Landscape Looks Like In 2010 | ExchangeWire.com

    What The European Display Landscape Looks Like In 2010 | ExchangeWire.com. 2010 – Display Advertising Eco-System Europe

  • Deutsche Post buys targeting firm Nugg.ad

    Not long after wunderloop was sold to AudienceScience, its country rival Nugg.ad sells for an undisclosed amount to Deutsche Post, according to research-live.com. Is this an indicator that Behavioural Targeting has matured enough or simply German recession driving smart investors to pick-up cool tech companies?

  • A few good DSPs – the movie

    Well done to Terence Kawaja on his “A Few Good DSPs” comedy video, it has definitely struck the hilarious chord in the industry. If you are wondering what a “DSP” is, then don’t bother, but if you know your IAB from your EIAA then you will be in for a treat:

  • AudienceScience buys wunderloop

    Internet world business reported today that US targeting provider AudienceScience has reached an agreement to buy wunderloop, the European leader in behavioural targeting that had filled for insolvency end of April this year. The amount and terms have not been disclosed yet but Internet World speculates it would be in the double-digits (Millions), having beaten…