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  • modsec.sh updated

    I’ve updated the modsec.sh script to include some new rules from gotroot.com. Check out its new permanent page at https://www.skyhorse.org/web-server-administration/auto-update-modsecurity-rules-modsecsh/

  • Free SMS’s – Hacked software circulates on the net

    Reports have been surging recently of some form of “hacked” — especially prepared — software that enables anyone with an internet connection to send free sms’s to any mobile phone in the world. After intensive investigation, our research department (i.e. me) has come across such program and can confirm the rumours: it works. In the…

  • SouthPark and Futurama episodes download in avi dvd-rip

    For all South Park and / or Futurama fans (like me) there is a Russian server hosting most of the episodes with fantastic dvd quality. Grab them while you can!!! (I suspect it will go down fairly soon!) South Park and Futurama episodes in avi with dvd quality download links Tip: copy and paste this…

  • Auto update modsecurity rules – modsec.sh

    Based on an existing script (which didn’t work very well for me) I have come up with one that should cater for everyone’s needs with minimal changes. Modsecurity’s main website is http://www.gotroot.com Click here to download modsec.sh

  • DirectAdmin to cPanel : a partial BASH solution

    I’m one of those who spent hours moving from DirectAdmin to cPanel, and in the meantime I’ve developed a couple of usefull tools to help me do it. For the sanity of everyone ever trying to achieve this, forget googling because there is no tool available ATM. No one has ever started a script simply…