xMax sparks low power wireless revolution

I’m still in awe after reading the latest news about xMax, the technology that I predict will be even more famous than Wi-Fi is today.

Technical aspects aside, the consequences of this little innovation goes way beyond the mere wireless transmission of data. The possibilities are really endless. I can easily imagine loads of xMax “dots” scattered around the world powered by nothing more than a tiny battery (or even solar power), forming the world’s largest ISP.

It can also be used to unleash the true power of personal networking. Everyone, every home, every dog, connected through a mesh of wireless access points, possible only due to the super-low power consumption (it is predicted that at 2Mbits a wireless xMax can run for years on a watches battery!).
Your watch will have one, so will your computer mouse, your TV, fridge, headphones, iPod, PDA, wallet, heck even your gramma!

A true revolution is on its way, and with commercial products ready as soon as next year, there’s nothing to stop it! (expect the FCC and other regulators)

Techworld.com – xMax sparks low power wireless revolution