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  • How does your website look like under Dillo 0.8 on a FreeBSD?

    Ever wondered how your web site looks like under Epiphany 2.22 running on FreeBSD 7.0? Ok a bit too obscure, how about on FireFox 3.0.3 under the now ubiquitous Ubuntu 8.04 without installing neither of them? can help. This free service produces screen shots of any web site URL as it is rendered using […]

  • HTTP and HTTPS tags without using JavaScript

    Very neat trick I found out recently is that if you omit the protocol from an HTML src tag it will use the same protocol as the current URL, which is ideal if you need to have one universal HTML tag that works with both HTTP and HTTPS without having to use JavaScript tricks to […]

  • V-moda saga part 3: V-moda admits design flaw in the Vibe DUO headphones

    It happened again, of course. The Ferrari of the headphones predictably crashed after 5 weeks of regular use, a new record even for them. This being the 3rd pair of v-moda headphones that stopped working I wrote a polite little message along with my request for warranty forms saying I did not want another pair […]

  • Major flaw on the DNS Internet architecture discovered

    Conspiracy fans unite: the worlds major Internet vendors sent their engineers out for secret meetings at the microsoft campus for the past few months to tackle the biggest flaw on the internet’s architecture since it began. The issue resides on the obiquituous DNS system responsible for directing applications to the right servers when they request […]

  • V-moda headphones saga part 2: sent back again for repair

    Just as my previous post reviewing the v-moda headphones for the iPhone started to get some hits I discover early in the morning that they stopped working, again. They behaved exactly as I predicted by breaking down 2 months after I got them. This time it cost £5.10 to send them back with international “Signed […]