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  • Paragliding in Spain with Lijar Sur

    Paragliding is probably the closest you will get to flying like a bird. I just finished a pilot training course in Algodonales with Lijar Sur, a well recommended Spanish school, and came back not only addicted to free flying but also with a great enthusiasm for the Spanish hospitality and life style, which our instructors […]

  • Top tips for flying in comfort and style

    Let’s be honest, the glamour and sophistication of jetting around the world only subsided during the early days of commercial aviation, when pilots were Adonis-like creatures and stewardesses were admired for nothing more than their glamour. Nowadays with the number of passenger reaching 70 million a year at Heathrow alone you are more likely than […]

  • Sales vs Tech – When the website is down

    The joys of working between sales and technology depicted in a fast-pacing satirical video, which if you have ever been on the phone with any tech support will certainly see how true this is…

  • Leake Street Art

    You’re invited to the Cans Street Festival leftovers, follow the white rabbit at

  • Legalise Poker!

    Sign the petition to ask No. 10 to allow Poker to be played in a regulated and safe environment in private members club, such as our favourite Gutshot Club in London. Your vote counts!