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  • V-moda saga part 3: V-moda admits design flaw in the Vibe DUO headphones

    It happened again, of course. The Ferrari of the headphones predictably crashed after 5 weeks of regular use, a new record even for them. This being the 3rd pair of v-moda headphones that stopped working I wrote a polite little message along with my request for warranty forms saying I did not want another pair […]

  • V-moda headphones saga part 2: sent back again for repair

    Just as my previous post reviewing the v-moda headphones for the iPhone started to get some hits I discover early in the morning that they stopped working, again. They behaved exactly as I predicted by breaking down 2 months after I got them. This time it cost £5.10 to send them back with international “Signed […]

  • The v-moda vibe duo iPhone headphones

    I finally got my headphones back from warranty. And as with all things in life, you only appreciate them when you don’t have them. I’ve been using my standard iPhone headphones which not only look naff with their all-white-look-at-me-I’ve-got-an-iPod style but also have the same terrible sound you get from standard headphones. The v-moda vibe […]

  • A2DP aka Stereo Bluetooth on Mac OS X: finally an easy and quality solution

    I’ve bough myself a Sony SRS-BTM30 (nice little speakers with built-in bluetooth stereo receiver) thinking Apple, as it boasts bluetooth on all their peripherals, would obviously support this (MS already does for a long time). I was of course very very wrong. There are several forums and threads with half-baked solutions mostly around the a2dpcast […]

  • Simple remedy for a big problem: how to disable the RFID on your passport

    Sooner or later if you live in a country with the visa-waiver program with the US (i.e. most EU countries and a few more) your passport will be issued with a always-on radio frequency identification chips, making it easy for officials – and hackers – to grab your personal stats. Getting paranoid about strangers slurping […]