Mac annoyance #1: Mighty Mouse scroll stops working

Mighty MouseThis is a typical Apple story. They took the ordinary mouse, removed the wires and created perhaps the most usable mouse in the world. And there was much rejoice… for a while. Yes, because maintenance as everyone knows will make or break your mouse no matter how well designed it was. And that’s when you, ladies and gentlemen, come across the Apple consumer’s frustration that you should and indeed cannot take any of their products apart and their mouse, mighty or not, is no exception.

The issue in question here is their “scroll” ball on top of the mouse, neatly designed to never be removed again. After a few months of usage you will surely start banging it in frustration because it simply stops working.
Youtube videos will show you that you can take the mouse apart, if you want to have to use super-glue to put it back together and risk cutting the delicate internal circuits in the process.
But as my mother always says: small solutions for big problems, so I ventured into finding how to deal with it. And I found it: simply turn it off, rub the mouse against your trousers (with the scroll facing down, of course!) for a minute or so, and voilà: it works as good as new.
If only Apple had written this in the manual…

Click here for a video