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  • Yet another BT company bites the hook: Yahoo! Acquires BlueLithium

    So, another Behavioural Targeting company bites the hook. Yahoo! announced yesterday that it reached an agreement to buy BlueLithium for roughly $300 Million in cash (£150 Million), apparently making Gurbaksh Chahal, BlueLithium’s Chairman and CEO, a very happy man at 25. But despite his young age this is not all new to him, as his […]

  • Advertisers pulling out of Facebook: Reaction reaction reaction

    It was going to happen sooner or later. After BBC’s Panorama report on the people, sites and advertisers behind some of the worst ‘user-generated’ content on the UK web space it took just a few days for the fire to spread to the marketing director’s desk and for him to call off any ads placed […]

  • wunderLOOP: The start of a new wave of online advertising

    Panama, Yahoo’s new advertising platform, and its super abilities, is not the only online advertising technology that is going to be making waves in 2007. wunderLOOP, a Luxembourg-based behavioral advertising and content targeting company, is about to announce a big round of funding that would allow the company to expand and take on its bigger […]

  • Google Trends: what the world is searching for

    Earlier in May this year Google quietly lunched a new addition to their collection of online tools, which already include a word processor and a browsable maps of Mars, called “Google Trends“. “See what the world is searching for” they have it for it’s punch line so that’s exactly what I did. And awe the results! So let’s get started with the obvious so they all get out of our enquiring minds before getting down to the real thing: Keyword: sex Search Trend: Sex In terms of quantity, it remained the same since 2004, so we looking for “sex” on google as much as we were back then. The interesting part is the geographical regions: And here is my first surprise. The USA is not the top region in the world quering for “sex”. Not even the second. Heck, it doesn’t even show up in the top 10! No sir, top regions are, in fact, Pakistan, Egypt, Viet Nam and Iran. It could be a statistical blip, but why would these regions be looking for “sex” more than anywhere else in the world? Could it be the fact that sex, like many other “liberal” subjects, is tabooed in these places? If so, does it mean the oh so great Internet is really opening the window and borders of the world, like the media pitches it to be? Keyword: terrorism

  • Google’s success story: PigeonRankâ„¢

    The technology behind Google’s great results. I suspected they were a tad nuts but this came as confirmation of how google does what it does best. Great read!