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  • How does your website look like under Dillo 0.8 on a FreeBSD?

    Ever wondered how your web site looks like under Epiphany 2.22 running on FreeBSD 7.0? Ok a bit too obscure, how about on FireFox 3.0.3 under the now ubiquitous Ubuntu 8.04 without installing neither of them? Browsershots.org can help. This free service produces screen shots of any web site URL as it is rendered using […]

  • HTTP and HTTPS tags without using JavaScript

    Very neat trick I found out recently is that if you omit the protocol from an HTML src tag it will use the same protocol as the current URL, which is ideal if you need to have one universal HTML tag that works with both HTTP and HTTPS without having to use JavaScript tricks to […]

  • Advertisers pulling out of Facebook: Reaction reaction reaction

    It was going to happen sooner or later. After BBC’s Panorama report on the people, sites and advertisers behind some of the worst ‘user-generated’ content on the UK web space it took just a few days for the fire to spread to the marketing director’s desk and for him to call off any ads placed […]

  • The Next Web Awards

    The worldwide award for future accomplishments! The public awards for upcoming disruptive services, that will change the web. The ‘webby’ awards, v2.0

  • wunderLOOP: The start of a new wave of online advertising

    Panama, Yahoo’s new advertising platform, and its super abilities, is not the only online advertising technology that is going to be making waves in 2007. wunderLOOP, a Luxembourg-based behavioral advertising and content targeting company, is about to announce a big round of funding that would allow the company to expand and take on its bigger […]