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  • Top tips for flying in comfort and style

    Let’s be honest, the glamour and sophistication of jetting around the world only subsided during the early days of commercial aviation, when pilots were Adonis-like creatures and stewardesses were admired for nothing more than their glamour. Nowadays with the number of passenger reaching 70 million a year at Heathrow alone you are more likely than…

  • Simple remedy for a big problem: how to disable the RFID on your passport

    Sooner or later if you live in a country with the visa-waiver program with the US (i.e. most EU countries and a few more) your passport will be issued with a always-on radio frequency identification chips, making it easy for officials – and hackers – to grab your personal stats. Getting paranoid about strangers slurping…

  • Priceless

    One gold-plated six-iron: €10.000 One shuttle flight into orbit: €500 million One International Space Station: €100 billion Playing golf with planet earth in the background, while doing the longest golf drive: Priceless.

  • Award winning photos – part 1

    This is the first of a series of award-winning* photos I took. 1999 Reims, France. Reims cathedral with the sun eclipse in the background. (C) 1999 SkyHorse.Org * Awarded by the “Friends and Family of SkyHorse.Org Foundation”

  • Reminiscence from Bologna (English really lacks the word…)

    Wanting to go away for the time being led me into digging some old photographic reports of a trip to Bologna… I wanted to share this great experience of a couple of nights in Italy’s most beautiful city. Bologna is mystical in every sense of the word, is alive in every corner and transpires inspiration…