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  • Google Trends – What the world is searching for: one year later

    A year ago I came across some interesting statistics available through Google Trends showing, for example, how Pakistan lead the league table on the search for “sex” and “terrorism”. A year on I decided to revisit and see how the world changed (or not!). Keyword: sex Last year we saw Pakistan topping the country ranking […]

  • Found: The Cube

    This Christmas I bought my best friend the ultimate puzzle-solving real-life treasure-hunt game called Perplex City. The whole concept was brilliant, I thought, and the idea that if you found the X spot (a cube actually) you would be a hundred grand better off. Then the discussion came up on if the cube really existed, […]

  • not quite there yet… » realizing…

    The Hacker’s life philosophy is finally understood and explained. Interestingly, she, the writer, isn’t a techie nor a sociologist, but a common 25 year old female. Did I say common? Maybe that’s only at first sight, there’s nothing “common” about *this* philosopher… not quite there yet… » realizing… Loved the reading sis ;)