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  • Legalise Poker!

    Sign the petition to ask No. 10 to allow Poker to be played in a regulated and safe environment in private members club, such as our favourite Gutshot Club in London. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Poker-UK/ Your vote counts!

  • Apple Juice

    You know when you’re tired and need a ciggie break when you decide the apple juice bottle you’re holding is asking for a good shake, only to realise you actually already opened it. My desk is now apple-juiced (and I’m not referring to my Mac). Fortunately this proved to be good entertainment for the people…

  • Bermondsey street

    It is a fantastic place to live. Bet you it will become the next Notting Hill.

  • Greenlaw Ave. nominated for an Indy Award

    One of my favourite yet-to-be-discovered bands have just been nominated for an Indy Award. If you haven’t heard of them then have a look at their site, download some tracks and enjoy the fantastic breath of fresh musical air :) If you do then don’t forget to vote for them!

  • Award winning photos – part 1

    This is the first of a series of award-winning* photos I took. 1999 Reims, France. Reims cathedral with the sun eclipse in the background. (C) 1999 SkyHorse.Org * Awarded by the “Friends and Family of SkyHorse.Org Foundation”