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  • Phorm strikes back

    Phorm (AIM: PHRM) has launched a counter-attack in what they describe as media “guerrilla warfare” against a small but dedicated band of online “privacy pirates” who are, Phorm claims, targeting journalists, MPs, EU officials and regulators with the purpose of destroying the company. What I am not sure about is why Phorm is surprised about […]

  • You’ve been de-Phormed, have a nice day :)

    Thanks to privacy advocate and anti-phorm campaigner Peter John of www.deformation.org.uk I found the way to stop Phorm from snooping and using your website’s data for their benefit. In fact it’s quite simple as long as you have PHP or some server side technology on your web server. An image (or another) request to your […]

  • Deep Packet Inspection takes another blow

    After US congress put a halt to ISP-based tracking while they try to figure out where the “creepy factor” line is, NebudAd suspended it’s activities, Front Porch was forced to shut off the behavioural tracking part of their system and the latest to throw in the towel is now Adzilla who have put up on […]