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  • Advance in AI may bring ‘bluffer’ type bots to online poker

    new poker AI bot in the making… from http://www.newscientisttech.com/channel/tech/mg19426066.600-software-learns-when-it-pays-to-deceive.html Hurwitz and Tshilidzi Marwala, also at Witwatersrand, have developed a virtual player that has taught itself to bluff at a card game called lerpa. Their artificial intelligence bot, named Aiden, is based on a neural network algorithm that usually forecasts stock market fluctuations. Crucially, Aiden was […]

  • wunderLOOP: The start of a new wave of online advertising

    Panama, Yahoo’s new advertising platform, and its super abilities, is not the only online advertising technology that is going to be making waves in 2007. wunderLOOP, a Luxembourg-based behavioral advertising and content targeting company, is about to announce a big round of funding that would allow the company to expand and take on its bigger […]

  • Poker Driving Artificial Intelligence Research

    Alberta team studies artificial intelligence with poker-playing computer… So, they finally understood Poker is not a game of chance but of skill, what’s new?