ModSecurity 2.5 : a book by Magnus Mischel

ModSecurity 2.5 book cover
ModSecurity 2.5 book cover
When I received ModSecurity 2.5 by Magnus Mischel through the post I was expecting a decent, thick and technically focused book on setting up and configuring obscure areas of ModSecurity.
On reading it I was pleasantly surprised to find how practical, direct and friendly it was (it even has its own section explaining what “Regular Expressions” are), so this is not just for the expert user, but beginner sys admin too.
The book guides you through all the steps to setting up ModSecurity 2.5 in your apache server, from installation to setting up basic and advanced rules. It also takes a look at real-life examples which is a definite must read as its the hardest part for anyone starting to use the tool.
At £30.99 (£21.99 for e-book version) its a good investment for everyone thinking about or already using ModSecurity to protect apache web servers.

Language English
Paperback 280 pages [191mm x 235mm]
Release date November 2009
ISBN 1847194745
ISBN 13 978-1-847194-74-9
Author(s) Magnus Mischel
Topics and Technologies Open Source, Linux Servers
Published by Packt Publishing