Phorm strikes back

phorm stop phoul playPhorm (AIM: PHRM) has launched a counter-attack in what they describe as media “guerrilla warfare” against a small but dedicated band of online “privacy pirates” who are, Phorm claims, targeting journalists, MPs, EU officials and regulators with the purpose of destroying the company.

What I am not sure about is why Phorm is surprised about this. All you had to do was to ask a bunch of techies what they thought would happen if DPI technology was commercially deployed in the UK (there is non-commercial DPI run by ISPs and Government, I don’t see anyone shouting about it…) to realise it would lead to an avalanche of “privacy pirates” voicing their opinion. If this is a “smear campaign” as Phorm puts it, or simply bloggers being bloggers, its worth having a look at both sides of the fence at