A iPod for your CD’s

Trade CD's for iPods

Threatened by the digital revolution, everyone in the music industry is coming up with different ways to survive and make a buck out of it.
Some follow that American hobby and file suit, others give iPods away in exchange for your old CD’s. Yes, that’s right, Millennium Independent Music Store is giving away brand new iPods, of different models depending on the number (and quality) of the CD’s you send them for exchange.
Those CD’s will then début on their on-line used CD store selling from $4 to $6. That’s 40% less per album than iTunes, for example.
And more, they say this is not a promotion, so someone has a carefully drawn out business plan with profit in mind. It also means this business model will probably be copied around the world.
It is a breath of fresh air to see some old-age companies adapting to the 21st century without having to sue everyone around them. Hip hip hurray!

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